I just received PeniMaster PRO

It’s April 21, I just received my brand new PeniMaster PRO penis extender device. It was delivered to my door in  the morning. I really like how they made it impossible to know what’s inside the box, it’s basically a plain white box with my name and address written on it. but inside is all the fun. just by looking at the product you can know that it was nicely built and it’s not some cheap plastic device. however there’re also some things that need improvement in my opinion. full review of PeniMaster PRO coming soon.

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Breaks Using PeniMaster

It’s 19th of May, And I though of making a quick update on my progress.

It’s been around a week since I started wearing the a penis extender. I’m wearing the PeniMaster around 5-6 hours a day. haven’t tried wearing it at night simply because I wear it enough in the day. The problem is when I go to visit my girlfriend for the weekend. I don’t use it for 2 days! which can’t be good. I’m trying to find a solution for it. She knows that I’m using a penis extender but I won’t wear it in her apartment! another thing, when I get back from her my penis is really sensitive because we have a lot of sex so the device feels a bit uncomfortable, however. it becomes comfortable again the next day.

I’ve noticed something about the stretching belt that comes with PeniMaster PRO complete set. When you wear it sitting (and tie it below your knee) and you stretch it to a specific length it’s O.K. but when you get up the belt gets stretched much more, and sometimes it’s too much. so I noticed that it’s better to tie the belt when your leg is straight and not bent so you would know how much stretch would be applied on your penis when you get up. but the nice thing about the belt is that you can’t really notice it (if you’re wearing long pants of course). I recommend having the two options because I switch between them depending on the situation.

Other than that the PeniMaster PRO is really comfortable and I’m happy with my purchase.

More updates and pictures are coming soon. stay tuned.

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The Journey Begins

It’s May 12, I decided to start wearing the penimaster today, it was hard to hold my penis stable in the device at first. I also got an erection when I first tried putting it and I had to wait until it’s gone. but after that it actually (believe it or not) felt really good, it was like someone is sucking it inside the glans. after 30 minutes I couldn’t even notice that I’m wearing the device and I’m really happy about this fact because I already tried other penis enlargement devices and they were just impossible to wear because they cut off the blood flow to the head of my penis and was really  uncomfortable so I needed to take breaks every 30 minutes or so which was tiring and in the end I gave up wearing the device.

I spent some time standing in front of the mirror wondering if it was possible to see that I’m wearing a device under my clothes, I personally don’t think that it’s possible to notice it especially if you’re wearing some wide baggie pants like I usually do and using the belt (not the device itself). I also noticed that it really helps if you stuff some things in your pockets so it would protrude less.

I really feel that the device is doing it’s work. I know that it’s too early to say that but I just feel it. I can feel my penis getting bigger a bit by bit and I can’t wait to measure out some good results.

I’ll try to wear the device at night tomorrow. I’d probably use the stretching belt because it seems more convenient when sleeping and I’ll update you later.

Wish me luck.

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Penis Fracture

Penile fracture, though rare is a serious problem that calls for immediate medical attention. When the penis is erect and engorged, if the membrane called tunica albuginea tears, it results in a penile fracture. It’s a bending injury and quite serious concern. What is the tunica albuginea? It is a membrane that surrounds corpora cavernosa, a spongy tissue present in the core of the penis and fills up during an erection. If tunica albuginea tears, blood that is otherwise confined within it leaks to other surrounding tissues. This will cause injury and inflammation.


The Most Common Causes of Penile Fracture

1- Improper Position during Sexual Intercourse

One of the most common reasons cited for penile fracture is sexual intercourse in cowboy’s position where women take charge, the doggy’s style where men enter from behind. While doing this, the erect penis can become twisted, or bent. The only other reason cited is falling with an erect penis and landing on the same.


2- Penis weight hanging

If you think penis weight hanging is the best solution for penis enlargement, think again! If you could do anything that could inflict serious damage when went wrong, is hanging weights on your penis. When doing this, the weight could become too much to handle and result in a serious penile fracture or injury. That’s not all, penis weight hanging could inflict damage to penis ligaments, which support the structures of your penis. Also, this could make your penis narrower, which means while it might become long, it might still be narrow. Always remember, for women, thickness of your penis is even more important than its length. Also, using penis extender and penis stretcher for penis growth, should only be done after consulting a specialist.


3- Accident

When a man falls and lands on his erect penis, it could result in a penile fracture.


Symptoms of penile fracture

The most common signs and symptoms associated with penile fracture are as follows:

Bruising, severe pain and awkwardly shaped penis, painful urination or being unable to urinate and getting an erection becoming impossible. Few men even hear a breaking, or cracking sound when penile fracture occurs.


How to Treat penile fracture

Treatment of penile fracture calls for an emergency visit to a hospital or doctor. The doctor might suggest pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and ice-packs. However, surgery is the most likely solution. The surgery will be done under general anesthesia, where an incision will be done to reconnect the torn tissue with stitches. Even so, most men don’t need an overnight stay and can be discharged after the recovery room period. Post surgery recovery will take about four to six weeks, where the incision heals and normal sexual function returns. Penile fracture recovery could be painful for the first seven, to ten days. During this period, anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers are prescribed.

Last but not the least, it’s crucial to remember when a penile fracture is ignored and denied treatment, it will remain deformed and an inability to get erection persists. Also, erections become painful with a likelihood of urinary tract problems.


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Who Am I?

Hey guys, I’m Micheal, a 23 years old student of computer science.

I’ve always felt the need to satisfy my girlfriend in an intercourse but it seemed like the size of my penis wasn’t enough, that’s when I started searching for a product that can increase the size of my penis permanently. I came upon different products such as pills, patches, pumps, jelqing exercises, surgery and penis stretchers, I made a research for each one of them, I consulted people that did purchase these products and the most reasonable solution that I found so far is the penis extender which is the only product that really guarantees permanent results with no side effects, A surgery is also a possibility but it’s really risky and very expensive, with my knowledge in coding and HTML I managed to build this website hoping that it would be a useful resource for people who are seeking to get the best out of their sexual life. I’m not a company… And I don’t work with any..

Although I’m not a shy type of guy, I’m hiding my full identity so that it won’t be weird and shameful when people that know me personally visit my website.

Feel free to ask me any question anonymously and I’ll provide you with every piece of information that you need in order to get the best out of the penis stretcher.

If you find anything missing on this website please feel free to leave me a comment, I’m working hard to improve the quality of my blog – your help is warmly appreciated.

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Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease And Penis Enlargement Treatments


Of all of the different causes of erectile dysfunction, penis deformities such as penis curvature, and shortening of the penis, Peyronie’s disease (PD) is one of the most common. It affects between 1 and 3% of men.

Doctors and other experts who work with sexual issues find treating this disease to be one of their greatest challenges. There are various treatments available, including radiotherapy, oral and injectable drugs, and extenders to correct shortening. Surgery is often the most often used method of correcting penis shape in men with severe shortening or curvature.


Surgical methods for PD and their pros and cons:

  • Removal/cutting: Similar to circumcision, this procedure requires that the plaque of the penis is cut or removed and a piece of skin or other material collected from animal organs is attached. This method is often used for treating penis curvature and can straighten the penis, restoring some length lost by PD. Negative effects of the surgery can include penile numbness and erectile dysfunction.
  • Plication: This process is most often used to negate curvature of the penis. By removing a piece of the tunica albuginea located on the side of the penis opposite the plaque, curvature is corrected. There is no length restored to the penis, but makes it less likely the patient will suffer the problem of penile numbness and erectile dysfunction.
  • Implants: This procedure involves implanting a surgical device that augments penile rigidity. Most of the time this method can straighten the penis but if the implant doesn’t work by itself, it is combined with one of the other above methods.

For a man suffering from PD these surgeries offer positive results that can change their lives. However, there are surgical complications such as numbness, loss of feeling and loss of erectile function that can occur as a result of these surgeries. Because of some of the problems associated with PD cannot be corrected with surgery, doctors most often only perform the surgery on a small number of men with a curvature that is so severe as to prevent sex. Some other side effects associated with these surgeries include infections, bleeding, shortening that remains permanent, and pain after the surgery. These surgeries are often expensive due to the necessity of hospitalization and the post-surgery expense.


One non-surgical and pain free option for men who suffer from PD is penis enlargement through a device called a penis extender, or a penis stretcher. A penis extender fits over the relaxed (flaccid) penis and is worn for a few hours a day. There are metal sections running the length of the splint that are added or removed to adjust the level of traction on the penis. As time passes, the penis extender can elongate the plaque of the penis, or cause the abnormal shaped tissue often caused by Peyronie’s disease to reshape. This option gives sufferers a non-surgical option for penis enlargement and offers the least amount of side effects, ruling out the numbness and erectile dysfunction that can often accompany surgical options.


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Just Ordered PeniMaster

It’s 18th of April 2012, I just ordered Penimaster®Pro – complete set, it costed me 309,00 euro but I think it should be a good investment, after all I did a very long and exhausting research about penis extenders and I compared different companies but at last this is the highest quality product I could find! It’s also made in Germany which explains it all. I also remembered that I need to take a “before” pictures in order to compare and track my progress later on. so I’m attaching those images to this post for you guys to see that my result. can’t wait to get my PeniMaster.

The image shows clearly that my erect penis size is 13 cm.

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Avoiding Problems With Penis Enlargement

A penis enlargement can be a great way to increase the penis size. A penis extender can cause different disorders and conditions that will also lead to a misshapen penis and possibly even a deformity in the penis.

Some of the top conditions found when trying to use a penis enlargement device include:

  1. Penis fracture
  2. Penis narrowing
  3. Phimosis
  4. Penis curve
  5. Peyronie’s disease


A penis enlargement is the desire of many men, however a penis fracture can result, which is when there is a bending injury because of the erect penis being stretched and extended in ways that it wasn’t designed to stretch. The membrane known as the tunica albugina tears, which is what causes the penis to fill with blood throughout an erection. Bruising and swelling occurs if this membrane is torn.

Another downside to increasing penis size is penis narrowing. The penis vacuum pumps and hanging weights can cause significant damage to the organ. If the organ weighs too much, it will become narrower. So while it may result in a penis stretcher like the product promised, it will also be narrower. Girth is often more important than length.

Phimosis can actually be corrected by many of the penis stretchers on the market. This condition is often found in adult men where the foreskin is too tight along the penis. These penis extenders can actually widen the foreskin on the penis, causing the phimosis to be completely corrected.

A penis curve is defined as a bend in the penis that happens typically during an erection. Some of the main causes include ones that happen at birth, due to traumas or injuries, because of ill-fitting boxers, briefs, and pants, sleeping on the stomach and certain diseases, as well as using faulty penis stretcher products.

Finally, there is Peyronie’s disease which is a scar tissue that forms on the penis erectile tissue lining. This means that there’s more blood in the shaft of the penis during an erection than is normal. There are a number of causes for it can it can affect the size and shape of an erect penis.

Trying to increase penis size is certainly a noble goal, however these conditions are all caused because of penile weights, pumps and other poor exercises for penis enlargement.

There are better products on the market for trying to increase penis size, such as traction-based ones like PeniMaster. A penis extender can increase length and girth if used properly. Stronger and more potent erections are available and can eliminate erectile dysfunction in men completely, but only when the right penis stretcher is actually used. No one wants a narrow or fractured penis which is why it’s important to focus on buying the right device.

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Maintaining Good Penis Health

Maintaining good penis health is smart for your overall bodily health. But it’s a crucial commitment if you want increased satisfaction in your sex life. And there is good news: taking measures to increase penis size is actually an important part of promoting a healthy penis. It’s not just about your ego; it’s also about your physical health.

Good penis health creates harder erections, improved control of ejaculation, increased girth, and a healthy curve to your penis. Each of these aspects to penis health will create more pleasurable sexual encounters. Moreover, strong and healthy production of testosterone also contributes to healthy hair, muscle, and bone production. When penis health declines, a variety of other aspects of health go with it. Poor penis health contributes to hair and bone loss, fatigue, irritability, depression, insomnia, increased fat, and ultimately decreased sex drive and performance.

A diet high in fiber and low in unhealthy (saturated fat) will help keep fatty deposits at a minimum and blood flow free and clear. Fill your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from junk food, fried food, sugar, and animal fat. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs since they can cause impotence, erectile dysfunction, a shrinking penis size, and diminished erectile function.

Other practical steps you can take towards a healthier penis include regular exercise and taking supplements. At least half an hour of solid exercise (running, swimming, or cycling) and taking natural supplements like vitamin A, vitamin E, ginseng, chromium, zinc, and sarsaparilla will promote penis health as well as overall health.

As it turns out “bigger is better” goes beyond locker room bragging rights. Fostering a larger penis will help keep it healthy and functioning at its best. The goal is to create stimulation, which will promote prostate circulation and regular ejaculations with healthy erections.

This can be achieved using a variety of mediums. A penis extender, or penis stretcher, is one such device that does exactly what it says. This contraption fastens around the base of the penis with another end that wraps around the head. Gradually, an individual uses longitudinal force to stretch the penis out, causing multiplication of penile tissue cells. The end result is an increased penis size.

Good penis health can be accomplished naturally using exercises that have been proven to promote penis size and health. There are a variety of certified websites that can provide proven exercises for a fee. The highest regarded one (5 stars) is PenisHealth.com. This method of penis enlargement is a great natural way to achieve results without the hassle of a penis extender or the potential side effects of male enhancement pills. However, the exercises may be done in conjunction with pills to increase results.

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